Climate change is real.  

We need to take action now.  

There is no single, simple solution.



We live in paradise - we are incredibly fortunate.  We all need to take steps every day in order to make big changes.  Here are the strategies this firm is undertaking to address climate change:

  • Talk about the problem: unprecedented CO2 emissions are causing climate change

  • Lead by example: Reduce or offset our CO2 emissions wherever possible: switch to renewable energy supply, switch to electric vehicles, purchase carbon offsets, add insulation, and reduce power consumption to achieve a carbon neutral or carbon negative business

  • Educate clients on CO2 emission reduction and Net Zero construction

  • Design projects for longevity, incorporate CO2 reduction principles and Climate Change mitigation measures into all projects

  • Participate in local and national organizations focusing on Climate Change


Action you can take today:

Sign up for SCE's Green Rate Program - switch your electricity use to renewable energy

Join a group and get involved.


Suggested reading:

Oil and Honey, Bill McKibben

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change, Nathaniel Rich and George Steinmetz

City of Santa Barbara Climate Action Plan


Local groups to support:

Community Environmental Council

SB Bike

Environmental Defense Center


National groups fighting climate change:

Sierra Club


Idle No More

Union of Concerned Scientists

Citizens Climate Lobby